• Hawee M&E Joint Stock Company (Hawee M&E) is proud to be the TOP 3 most prestigious M&E contractors in Vietnam, TOP 50 largest enterprises in Vietnam with experience in implementing many national key projects such as railway lines. Urban 3 – Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station; Noi Bai Airport Cargo Terminal Complexes - High-class apartments, modern Grade A office buildings or luxury 5-6 star resorts such as Silla Hotel; Intercontinental Phu Quoc; Melia Ho Tram; VP Bank Towel, Masteries Watefont... Especially, Hawee is the only M&E contractor selected in a project like Goldmark city with a total contract value of up to USD 60,000 - this is a large-scale M&E project. the largest in Vietnam up to now.
  • As a member of Hawee Group, Hawee M&E pursues the vision, mission and core values ​​of the whole system:

Vision: Becoming a multi-sector corporation, Hawee creates products that earn the world’s respect. We  strive for  it with all the  heart & wisdom  of Vietnamese people 

Mission:  Generate sustainable achievements for a modern, safe, healthy and happy Vietnam 

Core Values: Integrity - Innovation - All-win result

  • With the principle "on time with comprehensive products", Hawee ME always sets the standards for quality and progress with its products with total technical solutions; construction management process according to PMI and modern ERP business management system.

Our history

Towards international standards

Hawee develops a new strategy, which focuses on high-end projects, but the works require international human and technology qualifications such as airports or data centers. A special feature is that with each project, Hawee M&E strives to apply new technologies in accordance with 4.0 trends and is environmentally friendly with the desire to create the highest value for customers. Regarding projects in 2021, Hawee consecutively won resort packages, Grade A projects such as Windham Dragon Do Son, Champarama Resort; The high-class apartment complex of Masteries investor is Water front in Ocean Park - Hanoi and Centerr Point - District 11 - Ho Chi Minh City, both of which are invested projects with a large scale and many implementation items.

These will be the next milestones in the journey to conquer the domestic market and towards projects that meet international standards in terms of quality and progress under the Hawee brand.

Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam

In 2020, Hawee Group is proud to be ranked 6th out of 500 enterprises honored in the FAST500 Ranking - Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company). Vietnam Report) and Vietnamnet Newspaper conduct surveys, research and publish annually to honor the achievements of Vietnamese enterprises. On July 19, 2020, at Ho Chi Minh Museum - Presidential Palace, in the program "Good Vietnamese goods for the interests of consumers 2020", Hawee Electromechanical Joint Stock Company (Hawee M&E) of Hawee Group is proud of was honored in the Award Ceremony of Top 10 Vietnam Gold Brands 2020.

Along with those achievements, Hawee continues to be named the general contractor for Grade A-class projects in 2020 such as Marvella Hotel, Terra An Hung, etc., all of which are projects worth hundreds of billions of dollars. copper.

Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam

2019 marks the 15th anniversary of Hawee. This is also a year Hawee received good news when it was in the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam, the top 3 electrical and mechanical contractors in Vietnam Also in this year, there were continuously many resounding victories with 20 projects implemented and Continuous bidding packages won from leading investors. The most prominent projects of the year include: 1 National Project, 3 Grade A buildings and offices, 11 luxury apartments and 5 5-star resort hotels.

In addition, Hawee M&E also supports the deployment of substations for many renewable energy projects because Hawee Energy is the EPC general contractor.

Top 3 prestigious M&E Contractors in Vietnam

With the continuous successful handover of many large-scale projects such as the Goldsmark project package and Goldsilk Complex, D.'Palais de Louis, CT1 Hoang Cau, Five Star Garden... (many projects hit 500 billion) Hawee was honored as the Top 3 prestigious M&E Contractors in Vietnam (VNR Ranking) It is an affirmation for 15 years of continuous efforts, creating optimal and outstanding products for project owners. In particular, Hawee continues to make an impression with the contract package for Shilla Stay Resort - a 6-star resort in Vietnam with the value of M&E investment for 1 square meter of floor up to... over 2 million VND with the modern equipment and strict requirements from the world's leading operator. The total value of the bidding package is 400 billion VND, with all items: light-electricity system; water supply and drainage system; ventilation system and fire protection system.

Winning consecutive bids for 18 projects, successfully handing over 10 projects out of a total of 31 ongoing projects in the North and South

Right at the beginning of March, Hawee continued to win the bid for the construction of the M&E category for the Richstar Residence (HCM) project. This is the 4th project that Hawee cooperates with Novaland Group. Besides, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort also selected Hawee for the Electrical system with MSB cabinets and cable tray system; The Air Conditioning and Ventilation System of the Apartment Area has 10 floors and 1 basement. The project is invested by Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company and is expected to be handed over in the first quarter of 2018. With the above two projects, in 2017 alone, Hawee won 18 consecutive projects and recorded successful handover of 10 projects out of a total of 31 ongoing projects in the South and North, including 09 projects. housing project and 01 project in the field of hotel/resort.

Reaching the sales target of 2000 billion dong

This is also the year Hawee won and won the bidding package for an important field - 5-star resorts and hotels. Intercontinental Phu Quoc at Long Beach is probably the first large-scale resort project, opening the consecutive resort packages in the following years. InterContinental Resort Phu Quoc with a total investment of 60 million USD is located in the Phu Quoc Marina complex tourist area, invested by Syrena Phu Quoc Real Estate Joint Stock Company - a member of BIM Group.

+ On September 5, Hawee signed a contract to deploy the M&E system for the Discovery Complex project with a contract value of up to VND 333 billion. Accordingly, Hawee Electromechanical Joint Stock Company will provide materials, equipment and construct electrical systems, light electricity, air conditioning and ventilation systems for the office and the commercial center. Discovery Complex is currently one of the three tallest buildings in Hanoi with a 54-storey luxury apartment tower and a 43-storey office tower with 5 basements. The project is invested by Cau Giay Investment Trading Service Joint Stock Company and the construction contractor is Hoa Binh Construction and Real Estate Trading Joint Stock Company.

+ On August 25, 2016, Hawee signed a contract for the package "Supplying equipment and constructing M&E systems" for Imperia Garden project located at 203 Nguyen Huy Tuong - Thanh Xuan - Hanoi. The total value of the project's electromechanical system is up to 500 billion VND.

+ On September 20 and 21, 2016, Hawee won the bid for the project "Construction and expansion of the Department of Telecommunications" of the investor of the Department of Telecommunications (VNTA) and Goldmark City area B of Viet Han Company with the total contract value. nearly 700 billion. With the above projects, up to now, Hawee has officially reached the sales target of 2000 billion dong in 2016.

Reaching the revenue milestone of 1000 billion VND

In parallel with the implementation of the Goldmark project, in 2015, Hawee also received the VPBANK building and office project which was considered to have the most complex technical requirements at that time. As the headquarters of one of the largest banks in Vietnam, the building has to operate internet systems, an intranet to handle all transactions from VPbank's branches. The bank requires a modern low voltage (ELV) system to support the remaining branches across the country. A traditional basic ELV system will include communication facilities such as telephone and internet network, but the system required by VPBank buildings is of a higher standard than that. VPBank's ELV system requires the most modern technology, guaranteed security system as well as the best backup system.

In August 2014, the project investor put VPBank Tower out for bidding, looking for M&E contractors for this high-tech project. Electromechanical systems operate separately but still support each other. The electrical system must ensure that other electromechanical systems are operated, the air conditioning system will ensure that the ELV system is not overloaded, and the security system will protect the remaining systems as well as transactions at VPBank. Therefore, electromechanical systems need to be designed synchronously.

Among many contractors who submitted designs, Hawee, with modern designs with 3D BIM technology and under the direction of his chief engineers, excellently won the M&E package. Right after that, Hawee started implementing the project in time. The team of technical experts focuses all their efforts on electrical systems, BMS systems and ELV systems. In total, there are 15 engineers, and over 100 technical workers involved in the production and installation of this very important system at 89 Lang Ha. To ensure project quality, quality and function testing is carried out at all stages of production and installation. The most difficult and biggest in both Goldmark and VPBank projects, but the engineers and workers at Hawee always keep in mind that they have to create "wonders", new historical milestones. They have worked hard to create products that reach perfection with that belief. That year, the group's revenue reached 1000 billion. It is the result of perseverance and enthusiasm from Hawee people.

The largest M&E package in Vietnam was awarded to Hawee- Goldmark city project

Goldmark is the largest M&E project in Vietnam (US$60,000,000) started construction at the end of 2014 with investment and development by VID group. With a vision to become one of the largest projects in Hanoi, the scale of the M&E systems needs to be commensurate with the project size with 9 40-storey buildings, built on a floor area of ​​1,000,000 square meters. Overcoming many M&E contractors, HAWEE was selected to become the only contractor to undertake the entire M&E system at the project. This project has brought Hawee's capabilities to a new level.

Hawee sent a team of more than 100 engineers and more than 1000 technical workers to build and install electromechanical systems. In fact, in addition to the entire team working on this project, Mr. Trinh Van Ha, Chairman of Hawee's Board of Directors also spent 3 months at the construction site to assist the project manager in completing the construction of the system. Hawee plans to complete phase one of the Goldmark city project in December 2015, 3 months earlier than the contract term, giving VID more time to control other project requirements. , and ensure the project will be completed on schedule and meet the high demands of users.

Continue to build the reputation of the leading M&E contractor in Vietnam

Today, Hoa Phat Group is one of Hawee's regular partners and customers, having experienced many complex and large-scale projects together. But the beginning of a strong relationship is one of the most difficult and complicated projects Hawee has ever implemented. With a contract value of nearly 300 billion VND, Mandarin Garden is a housing complex of 1000 luxury apartments consisting of 4 buildings, spread over 9 blocks of land. With an apartment area from 126 to 300 square meters, built with the best materials, the apartments are dedicated to the high-end residential segment in Vietnam. The project also includes a shopping mall and a two-storey basement car park. Overall, the project spans over 230,000 square meters of floor space. This is really a housing project that attracts the attention of the public, especially during the economic downturn.

Hawee won the project with the largest total contract value in Vietnam at that time, 12 million USD, to provide electricity, water supply and drainage, and fire protection systems for all four buildings. The pressure on Hawee is how to develop a system of maximum quality, minimum cost and handover according to strict construction schedule. Hawee worked with R&D engineers to develop a design that met the requirements for the M&E system at Mandarin Garden. As soon as the designs were completed, Hawee started production and installation. 45 engineers and 600 technical workers worked for 2 months, and started installing the M&E system after that. Hawee provided a perfect M&E system for the Madarin Garden project within 11 months, 1 month ahead of schedule. Hoa Phat completed the project on schedule in October 2013 and put the project into use to serve residents.

Constantly setting new milestones

In May 2011, Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (VIHAJICO) launched a new housing project in the suburbs of Hanoi, next to the Red River, near Bat Trang pottery village. The project is aimed at a community of residents who want a green living model, where people are really close to nature with green parks, open living spaces, and other living facilities, necessary for a sustainable life. such as transportation, schools, shopping malls, and tourist facilities. The project is called Ecopark.

For the first time in Vietnam, a green living standard is set for a high-class urban project and sustainable, close and natural elements are presented for the bid and HAWEE is the name chosen, proving ability and ability to deploy their "green" technology when coordinating with the construction contractor, COTTECCONS, for more than 50 hectares of the project with the following items: Power system; Water supply and drainage system; Air conditioning system; Fire protection system; Central Gas Heating.

Immediately after signing the contract to deploy the electromechanical system with electrical systems, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply and drainage, light electricity, fire protection and central gas system for 3 out of 7 buildings of the project. project, corresponding to 7 blocks, spread over more than 55 hectares, Hawee immediately started planning and designing the project based on the design standards of Kume Sekkei.

Successfully won 2 projects MIPEC TOWER and GOLDEN LAND

In May 2010, Hawee achieved 2 victories in bidding for 2 projects MIPEC TOWER and GOLDEN LAND with the total value of each contract of 280 billion VND and 169 billion VND respectively with a full package of drainage system items. water, fire protection, ELV, HVAC, Coach,... Winning and implementing 2 large packages at the same time in the context of the economic crisis at that time was a rare achievement that any contractor could do. Since then, Hawee Group has made the next step, becoming the leading general contractor in Vietnam.


Hawee M&E completely convinced the owner of the 1st 5 star project in Hanoi when successfully executing the CROWNE PLAZA MY DINH HANOI project. This is also the first time, Hawee has won contracts worth 139 billion VND and is one of the outstanding projects of the company. Today, Crowne Plaza is still one of the most famous 5-star hotels in the region, constantly welcoming foreign customers and big events in the heart of the bustling urban area. 2008 is also the year Hawee continuously increases the value of co-projects with GERUCO works, Ngoc Khanh Plaza, VIMECO building with items such as water supply and drainage, ventilation and cooling system, ELV,. .. with a contract value of more than 30 BILLION VND It can be said that 2008 is a quick step to create future successes.

Some of the first big projects Hawee

Some of the first major projects Hawee received and handed over in 2007 were Vinamilks Dairy Factory in Tien Son, Bac Ninh for water supply and drainage; Hoa Binh International Tower in Cau Giay, Hanoi with contract value of 5 billion VND. Not only proving our ability right from the first projects but also handing over with standard products and on schedule, showing the preparation and determination from the leadership as well as the strategic vision - Prioritizing investment in capital. trust over quantity, affirming capacity and position.

Established Hawee Electromechanical Company

Established Hawee Electromechanical Company, officially entered the MEP market. With enthusiasm and unremitting efforts, those first Hawee people have gradually established a milestone and helped Hawee M&E in particular and Hawee Group in general become one of the largest corporations in Vietnam. The first steps were full of difficulties, but with the motto of doing small things with kindness, "on time with comprehensive products", almost immediately, the company won the bid for difficult projects in terms of technology and scale. big.

Established Hawee

Established in 2004, starting as a supplier of water supply and drainage equipment (Vesbo plumbing - a premium plumbing brand, imported from Malaysia), Hawee has gradually transformed into the role of a mechanical contractor. With the first project, paving the way for the journey to conquer the M&E packages of up to trillions of dong, this is Sunset Hoa Binh worth 3 billion VND with most of the construction equipment rented from the contractors. outside private.