M&E Services

M&E Services



Hawee M&E owns a complete supply chain, actively produces mechanical components, electrical cabinets with 2 factories, 3 partitions. Hawee electrical cabinets are transferred technology; refrigerators, cable tray ladders, detailed gas are manufactured in the form of modules to make construction easy, accurate and highly aesthetic.
During the construction process, Hawee M&E implemented management according to international standards SIPOC and quality management in two layers, applying ERP system in the management force.

Model protection testing, problem-centric control

The first is the PM (chief commander) of the project. Organize 2 construction classes for both QC and Safety.

So do to chuc thi cong ME-02

Quality control according to international standard SIPOC

- S: Assess the capacity of suppliers and subcontractors
- I: Control input data such as drawings, labor, premises, materials
- P: Construction supervision
- O: Operation and calibration
- C: Handover and warranty