Our service


True to the commitment and philosophy: "Truly your partner", Hawee accompanies the investor from the beginning of the project with the following Services:

+ Research and advise customers on optimal economic, technical and operational solutions.

+ Hawee is one of the leading and only units with a staff with the ability to deploy 3D drawings, simulate structures and materials with BIM in design work. 2D, 3D drawings with exact specifications are then transferred between the parties, bringing efficiency and flexibility in project coordination. The parameters provided by Hawee are still connected to Hawee's I-BOM system to help order and prepare materials according to codes and units accurately.


+ As a member of the multi-industry Hawee Group, Hawee M&E owns a perfect supply chain, actively produces mechanical parts, electrical cabinets with 2 factories - 3 workshops. The main technology is transferred to the electrical cabinets. manufacturers, fire cabinets, cable tray ladders... The mechanical details are manufactured in modular form to make construction easy, accurate and aesthetically pleasing.

+ The projects implemented by Hawee are managed according to international standards PMI and quality control in 2 layers, applying ERP systems in resource management for construction.

+ The operation team is present at the project in the first 3 months after handover Coordinate with the Investor to guide users


On-site support for building operation

+ Technology transfer in accordance with contractual commitments

+ Arrange and arrange human resources at the building, directly support the operation, ensure the smooth operation of the electromechanical system

Troubleshooting at the scene

+ The quick response team will be at the scene to handle the problem within 30 minutes of receiving the request from the customer.

Guarantee the best service quality

+ With 80 technicians, and 3 specialized vehicles fully equipped with technical equipment distributed in 3 regions North - Central - South


Specialized Vehicles


Technical staff


Processing in 6 hours with provinces within a radius of 100km from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City


In the first 3 months after handing over the project


On time with comprehensive products is Hawee's commitment to bring total and comprehensive value to all parties.