M&E Services

M&E Services



On each technical drawing of Hawee is the standard from a team of highly qualified personnel and a unique technological process "from BIM to i-BOM".

That is the foundation of leading projects such as Shilla Stay, Goldmark, etc. to help investors:

  •  Cost optimization
  • Synchronize technology for the whole system
  • Ensure smooth construction progress and maintenance after handover
  • Unique technological process

Hawee owns a suite of BIM implementation support software such as Navisworks, Revit, and software in the Autocad ecosystem, which are synchronized and integrated with the i-BOM import and export order management system.

BIM - short for Building Information Modeling, was first introduced in the UK, once considered a "luxury technology", today has become an inevitable trend for the field. build.

In Vietnam, well-known contractors all apply BIM to varying degrees. However, it is not necessary to own the software to be able to implement BIM effectively. BIM is a Centralized Data Management process, a method of linking data types such as schedules, drawings, and materials, and creating a collaborative environment between project stakeholders. At Hawee M&E, BIM methods and processes are researched and developed by experts to make a difference for each Hawee project.



From the 3D model exported from the BIM Hawee deployment system to reality

With BIM, engineers at Hawee can provide intuitive 3D models that simulate technological solutions for projects, along with a full range of technical documents such as shop drawings, combine, schematic diagrams, blocks. materials to support construction. Hawee also continuously researches new technology solutions in the world to offer the most optimal and most suitable solutions based on 4 levels of "Function - Safety - Comfort - Luxury". BIM implementation software and systems are integrated with the i-BOM material import and order management system, allowing accurate ordering of quantities of materials according to material codes. With such a synchronously linked system and process, the volume and price of materials are always optimized. Ensure the highest technical and technological requirements from the investor.


Highly qualified staff

Behind the transfer from design to construction are standard shop drawings for each ubolts, racquets, by Hawee's engineering team of experts, advisors, and trainers with many years of experience. BIM implementation experience, can be proactive in all stages:

  • Building a work process according to BIM
  • Coordination between contractors
  • Deploying Shop drawings on Revit
  • Modeling, rendering virtual reality models for construction support
  • Protecting and shading volumes on Rev