Hawee owns a team of high quality personnel who are regularly trained and enhanced to keep up to date with new technologies, trends and standards.

+ 400 highly qualified engineers

+ 200 technicians, skilled workers

+ 100 office workers

It’s the result of the motto of taking human resources as the root. They are Hawee's most important and powerful asset and potential. And each project and work is more demanding in terms of technical requirements, technological innovation, in line with international trends. Understanding those wishes and needs, Hawee continuously trains and fosters professional skills for its team of engineers, technicians and employees on international management standards, construction methods, techniques and technologies for each project.

- Training Center: Considered as a form of strategic investment, in order to improve management knowledge, capacity, professional qualifications, support skills and other skills for employees. Hawee Group is proud to be the pioneer group to establish a Training Center with the goal of building resources to accompany Hawee to reach the international level.

- English Center: The English Center was established with the aim of helping Hawee staff confidently communicate and use English in daily life as well as at work, especially when implementing projects. cases with foreign elements."


3000 billion credit limit

2500 billion in revenue

With a credit limit of VND 2000 billion in 2018 and a steady increase in sales for many years, Hawee has the full financial capacity to work closely with and offer the most optimal, flexible and effective solutions for owners. invest.


Hawee M&E owns the supply chain of low-voltage cabinets, and mechanical components thanks to a joint venture with a member of Hawee Group, making the preparation of construction materials active and flexible. Self-manufactured products include: Blokset low voltage cabinet, Sivacon S8 cabinet, copyrighted by Siemens and Schneider corporations.

 - Modern technology: Hawee M&E integrates management support (ERP), consulting (BIM) software to help simulate works right on drawings and optimize costs and progress for customers. In addition, the construction management is also standardized according to the international PMI system, ensuring the quality and delivery schedule. - Procedure.

- Coherent system: Standardized system and process from consulting, preparing bid documents for items to construction, handover, operation and warranty, Hawee M&E always accompanies the project owner and continuously offer the most suitable solutions, support end users in product usage and 24/7 maintenance, in line with the motto: "Truly Your Partner