Hanoi is a busy city, and its center swells as its population increases, especially during the day. The city of Hanoi has begun building elevated trains to ease the travel of the more than one million commuters who travel from outlying areas to Hanoi proper to work and shop. While there are several trains being built to ease the congestion caused by this commute, the main elevated train runs North and South the length of Nguyen Trai Street.

This street in particular has seen a transformation from a small street in the early 2000’s, to a major thoroughfare connecting southern towns to the main part of Hanoi City. With this transformation came many good opportunities for the development of residential and retail spaces along main travel routes.


Project: Golden Land Building 

Address: 275 Nguyen Trai Str., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi 


  • Electrical system 
  • Plumbing system 
  • Water treatment system 

Investor: Hung Viet Trading Jsc (Hoang Huy Group) 

Management consultant: Consultant and Inspection Jsc of Contruction Technology and Equipment - CONINCO 

Designer:  Archipel Jsc 

Contract value: 169,277,530,000 dong 

Duration:  05/2010 - 12/2011 

Hawee, a supplier of premium M&E systems, submitted a design that combined all of the M&E systems into a single comprehensive system. The contractor also operated the only M&E system production factory in Vietnam, allowing them to effectively control the cost and quality of the equipment. Hawee was the clear winner to supply a system that would meet Hoang Huy Group’s needs.

Hoang Huy Group hired Archipel, a French design consultancy firm, to design a European-style complex that pushed and set new limits of luxury and comfort for residents, shoppers, and businesses in Hanoi. Archipel’s design outlined three towers, 27 levels each of high-end residential space, with a shared base of retail and office space. The design also called for three floors of underground parking. To capture the sense of luxury, style and finesse that motivated the project, Hoang Huy Group called the project Golden Land.

Three towers, 27 levels each of high-end residential space

Hoang Huy Group, a major Vietnamese real estate development company, saw an opportunity to construct a massive high-end retail, residential and office space project across 2.4 hectares of land along Nguyen Trai street.

Hawee proved to be the best option

A few months after the project began, the economy dove into a nasty recession, causing funding to slow on projects across Vietnam, including the Golden Land project. The slow access to capital wreaked havoc for many Vietnamese construction projects, and those projects were promptly postponed or cancelled all-together. Seeing an opportunity in this, Hoang Huy Group pulled together the necessary capital to fund the project, and come out ahead of its competitors

Hoang Huy Group contracted the Korean construction company POSCO E&C to manage the project. With the collective experience and highly qualified technical team assembled during the company’s more than 20 years of operation as one of the world’s largest construction companies, POSCO E&C had the recognizable name that could bring the interests of solid contractors and the general public to this project. This early decision would ensure that the Golden Land project would succeed during the recession.

POSCO E&C immediately put the project to bid, and sought M&E contractors who could provide excellent systems at extremely limited costs. M&E contractors from across Vietnam responded full force, submitting innovative ideas and cost-efficient system designs. However, it was Hawee’s unique approach that proved to be the best option.


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Hawee worked closely with POSCO E&C to share information, learn from their expertise, and learn about Korean construction methods. Hawee was contracted to provide M&E systems for the entire project. This included the electrical, plumbing, and water treatment systems.