Wyndham Dragon Do Son resort - Quality control for timelines and safety durign Covid-19


After over 4 months of officially taking over the construction of electrical distribution, water, drainage system in 4/7 and another winning bid for air-conditioning system construction in 10/7 for Wyndham Dragon Do Son Resort, Hawee continues to apply effective measures for timely and quality handover.


Against the constraints of Covid-19, the Board of Project Management faces safety and logistic challenges with professional operation:

Difficult to apply, operate, and construct, the Chiller air-conditioning system as specified by Van Huong Investment and Tourism Inc. entails complex planning and comprehensive expertises from engineers. The Board of Project Managements has arranged workers, engineers with strong expertises living near Hai Phong to stay onsite, avoid going out of the city while focusing human resources for moving forward with construction.

Strict 5k regulations, Sinophram vaccination were conducted comprehensively for the team. Mr. Le Thanh Chung, Lead Project Manager emphasizes the importance of keeping the team as healthy and protected as possible: “The Board of Management is cooperating with the Department of Work Safety to ensure proper practice of safety regulations,... Covid constraints present many challenges for us, requiring the Board of Project Management to conduct regular meeting, approving appropriate schedules for workers on the field”

Moving forward, the team is keeping up with the handover schedule. Logistic issues with slow construction materials arrival is also a priority. Temporary measures have been proposed to the project owner and approved for pushing forward without compromising quality. 

With professional operation, the team aimed at quality and on schedule handover of the project.