Hawee to gear up a 10.000 ton barge, ready for wind power offshore


2/8/2021, Hawee M&E’s long-awaited 10.000 ton barge is officially in construction after the keel laying event at Pha Rung Shipyard Company.


The non-motorized vessel is constructed to hold up heavy duty cranes offshore, with a total weight of 10.569 ton by VHP TRADING CO.,LTD.

Official handover is expected to complete at the end of this year, after which the 100 billion Dong barge shall become the keyplayer for Hawee Energy’s industry-leading offshore wind power farm.


Along with the barge, Hawee is also investing in a “super crane” with a total weight of 1.600 ton for comprehensive quality control over the wind power project. Pulling heavy resources into the wind power sector, Hawee is showing a strong ambition to thrive in this industry still full of potentials.


Hawee M&E and Hawee Energy are members of Hawee Group, with a long history of being the top MEP contractor, clean energy investor with successful solar power projects in recent years. For the company 5 year plan, Hawee Group is planning to invest in 300 MWP of wind power offshore, asserting its pioneering position in this sector.