“Expatriate Female Warrior” inHawee


Wing a series of North to South projects, spreading from Ha Noi, Vinh Phuc, Thai Binh, Hai Phong, Ha Nam to Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, etc., human resources allocation has always been the top priority in the management’s consideration since it is not easy to assign experienced key personnel, most of whom have family and relatives in Hanoi. However, there are “warriors” willing to stay in distant

Go to challenge their endurance 


It is not easy for women to accept living away from their children, families, relatives or friends for work. Yet, to Thanh, a business staff is like a “mercenary” who is always ready to move once assigned by the company. As the business director, Thanh is in charge of expanding the national and regional markets. Being a North Vietnamese, after moving to the South, she quickly learned about the different cultures of the region to be flexible in approach customers effectively as well as better understand and capture the market.


Hoang Thanh (second from right) with her Hawee colleagues


Being straightforward, outspoken, instinctive, and less thoughtful, Thanh said that through this business trip she wanted to show her ability, challenged her adaptability to the new environment, tried to overcome difficulties, but more importantly, to make Hawee’s name more popular.


Young people should be active


Hoa is from Ninh Binh but has studied and worked in Hanoi for nearly 07 years. Just two week after assigned by her immediate superior, she was ready for the trip. “As a young single person, I think I need to go through many challenges. And most of all, when the company need me, its member, Why not?”, Hoa confided.


Thanh Hoa (first from the left) and her Hawee colleagues at Golden Mansion project office (HCM)


When she first came to Saigon, she was in charge of the subcontractors’ settlement records, including contract negotiation and signing, and monthly inspection and control of payment records in accordance with the company’s regulations or related issues. She was too busy to feel lost or homesick. To her, “It is okay to go on business for a long time, three months or six months, and once I decide, I will not regret, but go forward.”


“Going away is a great experience”


Unlike Thanh and Hoa, Trang knew and joined Hawee through her close friend, also a staff here, who told her about the company’s project secretary vacancy based in Phu Quoc. At the time of application, Trang simply thought that going to work in Phu Quoc is like traveling, going to experience and learn. In Phu Quoc, being the only girl, she worked as a secretary cum accountant and also taken care of meals for brothers in the project management board.


Nguyen Trang (Phu Quoc Project Secretary in the middle) during a campfire with her colleagues


Until now, being in a country across the hemisphere to continue her long academic career ahead, what helped Trang overcome difficulties and stay with the project over a year is “work and people’s family-like love ”, and even such difficulties brought people together to care, share and love each other. These would be memories and experiences which, as said by her, helped her overcome all and win herself.


Each individual has her own goals and ideals when deciding to stay away from her relatives to follow the projects. Hawee is proud of having such core force with full of passion and enthusiasm for their profession.These are the elements or pieces that make up Hawee’s today great success and sustainable development.